"André Malraux created an imaginary museum of tangible works.
The catalogue established by the company Frémeaux & Associés offers a tangible museum containing imaginary works. Amongst its display, we may discover music, songs, poems, novels, sacred mysteries and profane ones, stories, history, the recollections of humanity and sounds of nature – in other words, the eternal quarrel between turmoil and silence which is its reverse and not its contrary. Now music remains fictitious in the sense that when it begins, the musical objet ends. Now a voice provides both light and some shade to a text, a mixture of procision and ambiguity which have eluded the author. Now as soon as doings are spoken, they become tales. Now when the sounds of our planet are individually isolated, the world becomes a kaleidoscope in which images recombine incessantly. One particularity of this catalogue is that it presents one of the most vast, the most eclectic and the most beautiful collections of illusions imaginable. To such a point where the fertility of these illusions assure certain fundamental revelations to those who enter the dominion. Faced with them, we do not dream, we become part of the dream. For this semblance which is supposedly fallacious, reflects elements of the most concrete and irrecusable sort: Utopia for Man, along with his hopes and his destiny."
© Frémeaux & Associés
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