« Famous names » by Blues&Rhythm

Not our usual fare but of interest to some of our readers. 36 tracks cut between 1910 and 1942 featuring various combinations of fiddles […] Most are instrumentals, some by famous names such as Michael Coleman and Franck Quinn, others by artists more obscure and most, as far as I know, new to CD. One of the songs, « Ballymore », is by Count John McCormack, while another, by Delia Murphy, accompanied by her own guitar, strangely brings to mind the lugubrious musing of Billie Maxwell, though Delia’s enjoys a marked avantage over Billie in that she can actually sing. Those who think that the Celtic fringe is a haircut can safely pass by, but those even mildly attracted could be in for what is generally a real hands-down, toe-tripping treat. Keith BRIGGS - BLUES&RHYTHM