“It’s wonderful!” par Anything Phonographic / Amazon

“This wonderful CD was originally released in 2002 but is now being reissued by the French label Fremeaux & Associes. It’s wonderful! This is the fourth album featuring Didier Roussin & Dominique Cravic, and the earliest recordings of the ensemble named Les Primitifs du Futur, a band that – for a while – included Robert Crumb, cartoonist/musician/78-rpm record collector, while he was living in France. Crumb, who plays mandolin, was part of a U.S.-based band (along with writer/director Terry Zwigoff) called The Cheap Suit Serenaders. I noted in a review of the earlier release that the reviewer complained that Crumb is only on six of the 18 tracks here. Well, honestly, that doesn’t bother me – and, in my opinion, it should have no effect on your enjoying this delightful album. Crumb, himself, never thought of himself as a great musician. He does it for fun and to revive old songs (from old 78s). The reason that he is only on the first six tracks is that these formed a full EP recorded in 1986. The remaining tracks were compiled by Cravic from his personal tapes and were recorded over a number of years. These are mostly instrumental, some recorded in a studio, some recorded in concert (there is applause on those). I’d tell you more about the recordings but the 4-page insert has the notes from the EP in English but a longer essay about the remaining 12 tracks only in French! What I can tell you is that this is a fun CD to listen to. If you like either the hokum blues of the 1920s or the swing jazz of Django, Stephane or Toots, you’ll love this. I’ve played it a few times already and I’m not tired of it yet. I hope you found this review both informative and helpful.”