« Plenty of unexpected twists along the way » by Mojo (UK)

The archive wing of french label Fremeaux and Associates specialises in compiling out-of-print material from around the world, and this collection of vintage Bahamas goombay may be their most compelling set. Because of close proximity to the USA, the music of the Bahamas has often been heavy on American influence, but the frequent inter-island cruise ships also brought elements from Jamaïca, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic and elsewhere. Thus, Blind Blake’s Yes !Yes !Yes ! is a reworking of Stomp Johnson’s Yas Yas Yas, Vincent Martin adapts Wilmouth Houdini’s famous calypso, Uncle Joe, while André Toussaint provides a hybrid instrumental, Nassau Merengue, and Charlie Adamson implores us to Dance The Goombay. Several songs deal with zombie experiences, the power of rum and other appealing aspects of Nassau, the end result being a very agreable listen with plenty of unexpected twists along the way. David KATZ – MOJO (UK)