“some essential recordings, made during calypso’s Golden Age” par System Records

“Following their excellent 2CD compilations of 1950s Caribbean recordings covering: Jamaica Mento, Trinidad Calypso, Jamaica RandB, and The Bahamas, the French label Fremeaux cast the same spotlight on the even less well-documented Bermudas. This mysterious British overseas territory, a favourite of American tourists, has music and dance traditions called ‘gombey, based on African roots, and they also adopted the calypso. Fabrice Uriac and Bruno Blum have unearthed some essential recordings, made during calypso’s Golden Age, by such originals as Sidney Bean, Reuben McCoy and The Hamiltonians, the Talbot Brothers, Hubert Smith and His Coral Islanders, Erskine Zuill, Al Harris and His Calypso Band, Kingsley Swan and His Calypso Islanders and jazzman Lance Hayward. A unique anthology, with a 32-page booklet of rare photos and full notes, in English and French, which finally rediscovers the catchy, rhythmic, sunny and often humorous Bermudan music of the 1950s - and reveals that these islands should be well-known for far more than just the famous tailored short trousers.”