The choice is stellar Dirty Linen

« It’s been years and seemingly too darn long since we heard from Ian McCamy, the American ex-pat fiddler who reeled us in with a selection of reels, jigs, and rags on his Sleep Sound in The Morning. The new collection is titled The Drunken Landlady, and it predominantly features reels, with only one rag. The choice is stellar – a lovely version of the classic "The Dallas Rag". The drum intro by Olivier Chambonnière on "Gravel Walk" seems inspired by Hal Blaine, and it works charmingly. Lively "The Lark on the Strand / Have a Drink on Me" and "Gavottine / Bulton Gavotte" sets highlight the flute playing of Pascal Segard, who also plays bass, among other instruments. The vocalist is guitarist Angus Aird. Once again, R. Crumb provides cover art. The Drunken Landlady is a treat indeed, and it will surely leave you wondering when to expect yet another collection from the talented McCamy and friends. » Linda DAILEY PAULSON – DIRTY LINEN Presse Anglaise