“This collection covers a vast range of music” par Blues & Rhythm

This is another Frémeaux’s themed triple CD sets, along the lines of their ‘Africa In America’ and ‘Voodoo In America’ releases. It was produced in collaboration with the Musée Du Quai Branly in Paris, a museum designated as ‘a meeting ground for cultures of the world’. With three CDs respectively entitled ‘Slavery’, ‘Songs Of Freedom’, and ‘Racial Segregation & Modern Slavery ‘, this collection covers a vast range of music, comprising material from the African motherland via the Caribbean (and for one track, Brazil) and on to the North American mainland. Stylistically, it spans field recordings from West Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, and the U.S.A., New World work songs, calypso, spirituals, gospel, blues, rhythm & blues, New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, rock’n’roll, ska, soul, and jazz from Duke Ellington to the politically committed free-jazz of the 1960s. Further subdivisions e.g. ‘Africa’, ‘Welcome To America’, ‘Slave Entertainment’etc. guide the listener.