This set is hard to beat. by Slipcue

"Thirty-six songs about Paris, the city, its people and sights, with songs such as Paris Paris" by Josephine Baker, "La Tour Eiffel Est Toujours La" from Mistinguett, "Les Quais De La Seine," "Montparno," "Pigalle..." etc. The big-name stars are on here, including Maurice Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Tino Rossi, Berthe Sylva and Charles Trenet... But also a host of less well-remembered artists such as Perchicot, Maray, Gesky and Lucienne Deleye... The singing is all very old-school, the operatic-romantic music of the French music halls, but for a patriotic, notalgic stroll down memory lane, this set is hard to beat."