“Excellent if not unique” by The Art Music Lounge

“Gadjo Combo is yet another small jazz group modeled after the Stéphane Grappelli-Django Reinhardt Hot Club Quintet of the 1930s, their music occasionally updated rhythmically to reflect some later pop music influences. They are excellent if not unique, largely due to the improvising abilities of lead guitarist and leader Marc Joubert and violinist Philippe Plassard, who also plays guitar and electric guitar at times. As usual, there are no drums in this band, again reflecting the aesthetic of the original Quintet. (...) With all that being said, this is a fun disc to listen to, largely because of Joubert’s and Plassard’s solo abilities. Of course, Joubert isn’t nearly as good as the two best Django clones of the past 40 years, Frank Vignola and Biréli Lagrène, but he’s good enough to hold your attention. By contrast, I’d almost put Plassard on the same level as Grappelli; all he really lacks is that little bit of fire that sometimes got lit under Stéphane, pushing him to some of his wildest and most emotionally satisfying improvisations. (...) In toto, then, a very enjoyable album and a nice break from the angst-filled jazz of today.”