“Gems from the forro tradition” par Amazon.com

“This fab 2-CD set focusses on one of the master musicians of the pre-bossa nova Brazilian samba-cancao (song-samba) era, Bahian composer Dorival Caymmi, and on the pioneers of the Northeastern dance style called forro, Luiz Gonzaga and vocalist Jackson Do Pandeiro. Disc One focusses exclusively on Caymmi's work, cherry-picking his best recordings of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, along with a great pair of songs by the vocal group Anjos Do Inferno. Most of his tracks are the sort of stentorian, John Jacob Niles-ish folksongs he specialized in, balanced by some sizzling sambas performed with various small bands. (Many of his songs were also recorded by Carmen Miranda, and her absence is keenly felt here, although his originals are harder to come by, so I'm not really complaining... This is an excellent introduction to his work.) Disc Two is where this collection's editor, musician Teca Calazans, really shows her strengths, selecting gems from the forro tradition, in particular finding some of the most melodically rich songs from Luiz Gonzaga's career (he can get monotonous, but these are all fun songs here) as well as rarities by less well-known artists such as Ze Do Norte, Manezinho Araujo, Coro Misto, and Vania Orico. I don't quite see the connection between the two discs -- a contrast between styles in Brazil's Northeastern coast and the interior -- but all the music is great. This is also a nice companion to Fremeaux's earlier archival collections of nordeste music... Definitely worth picking this one up!”