“Highly recommended!“ par Amazon.com

“This is, quite simply, the best collection of vintage French swing that you are likely to find. A delicious, delightfully playful 2-CD set, full of bouncy dance tunes and bluesy novelty songs galore. Includes several chanson superstars -- Charles Aznavour, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand -- who adopted the style on some of their songs, and others such as Fred Adison, Johnny Hess, Irene Trebert and Ray Ventura, who built their careers around the big band/swing sound. Also a hefty dose of gypsy jazz from Django Reinhardt and his cohorts, as well as accordion-wielding musette instrumentalists who dug the jive as well. There is considerable overlap on this collection and various single-artist releases by Fremeaux but it's hard not to love this well-curated, compact overview -- it's a really fun, enjoyable record! And if you don't have any of this music already, then this is a definite must-have. Highly recommended!“