Lovely listening by PIPE LINE

(...) The earlier material is often traditional and includes songs not only from Guadeloupe and Martinique but also Haiti and French Guyana, though as the set progresses, Moune’s own compositions become more prevalent. A November 1957 session for Pathé resulted the lovely EP “Calypsos Des Iles”, and shows that Harry Belafonte’s success had penetrated France. From 1959 onward, her records were released on RCA Victor EPs and she often worked and recorded with guitarist/bandleader Pierre Louiss, another long-time acquaintance, though some of the arrangements are a little more sophisticated than is necessary. The final track here was composed by De Rivel for the celebration of the Independence of Haute Volta (now Burkina Fasso) in 1961, and is sung by Christian Juin (...). Moune herself sung the three other titles of the EP, and they are of course included here.

Those with an interest in the Creole music of the eastern Caribbean will need no urging to buy this. Lovely listening.