“Rather nice” par Blues & Rhythm

French solo boogie-woogie pianist Sébastien impressed with his debut set « Rag ‘N Boggie” (Frémeaux FA 8507). This album continues in the same vein, though perhaps with a little more of an experimental side, as for example on “Woodywood Pecker Boogie” (sic) with its different tempos at the same time. Sébastien has the proverbial “left hand like God” and as stated, he is not afraid to expand the boogie-woogie repertoire – which means his is not quite as immediately accessible as its predecessor. It does require a few plays before its subtleties can be fully appreciated, though it is worth the effort as he has made a boogie-woogie album on which the primary influences are not immediately obvious. He also keeps faith with the ragtime tradition; try “Boogaudébut Ragalafin” -rather nice.