“Thoughtful blend of songs” by Journal of Gospel Music

Fremeaux & Associes spotlights the estimable contributions of females, specifically female gospel groups, on Gospel: Female Gospel Groups 1940-1962, the sixth volume in its multi-disc reissue effort. The French firm has previously mined the golden age of gospel music with packages on male quartets, guitar evangelists, female soloists, and collections dedicated to Mahalia Jackson and the Roberta Martin Singers.
While the 72-track, 3-CD set collection features many artists whose work has been reissued, it focuses on lesser-known gems from their catalogues (…). The smart selection of songs doesn’t leave out regional groups (…). Gospel: Female Gospel Groups 1940-1962 includes album notes in French, a summary in English, and a discography that includes everything but the labels associated with the selections. In all, this sixth volume is a well-curated and crisply produced package of performances by women who helped make gospel gospel. Even hardcore collectors will find it enjoyable for its thoughtful blend of songs.