To Brassens fans Brassens par Dirty Linen

Brassens was a great french chansonier and a satirist in Rabelaisian tradition who sold over 20 million records, but his fan may not have been aware of extent to which he was influenced by jazz. In 1979, two years before his death, Brassens and other musicians recorded a mostly instrumental double album called Bressens en Jazz that  consisted of 23 tunes, five of wich show up among the 13 tracks here. Raffalli, a Corsican guitarist, decided  to pay a very different kind of jazz tribute to the man by recoding his songs with the help of a back up trio in the instrumental style of the Quintette du hot Club de France. Raffalli changed the tempos and moods of some of the songs, which could be of special interest to Brassens fans. Others will just have to appreciate the fine manouche-style guitar playing on its own merits. Notes include very little information about Brassens himself and are in French only.