« A remarkable collection » par Dirty Linen

Listening to Mahalia Jackson invites reflection on what makes a legendary singer. It isn’t necessarily a pretty voice, nor a technically perfect execution; rather, these singers have extraordinary power coupled with unerring instincts as to when it should be restrained and when it should let loose. They also find that place where song and singer wrap around each other so inextricably that the result is a unity of truth and feeling. On this release, Jackson elevates “Walk On” from the schlock in which it is too often mired to a dignified testament of pure conviction. These recordings mark Jackson’s debut on the Columbia label, and her introduction to a mass white audience. Count on the French to appreciate America’s great artistic treasures. France bestowed the Grand Prix du Disque on Jackson in 1949, and Frémeaux has given us this remarkable collection of artistry in 2007.