CDs to illustrate the intimate relationship between music and dance Par Rock'n'Reel

" I well recall a progressive rock-loving friend once telling a Jamaican woman, "I'm from the generation that doesn't dance." Her reply was an uncomprehending and rather annoyed, "What generation's that? I've never heard of such a generation!"
Most of the protagonists involved in the music on this ten-CD anthology would have replied to him in similar terms, I guess. Ranging across the years between 1923 and 1959, this monumental work examine a whole variety of waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, jive, lindy-hops, biguines, charlestons, black bottoms and many, many more, from recorded sources, grouping them together by style onto Dance Master Classics CDs to illustrate .
The rock and roll and two jazz sets are in themselves wonderful introductions to the genres, so I have no doubt that those CDs presenting music with wich I am less familiar, such as musette and can-can, are equally authoritative."