This fantastic 2-CD compilation is the best Garland CD release of the year The Judy Room

"What's great about his release, aside from the stellar packaging and audio restorations, is the fact that it covers almost all aspects of Judy's career. Two of Judy's early Vitaphone film recordings are presented in their entirety for the first time, and we now have 5 MGM Records versions of film performances and the Columbia Records version of "The Man That Got Away", all beautifully restored in crisp, clear mono sound.
Additionally, the 4 over tracks that Judy recorded for Columbia in 1953 are presented in a new "surround sound" remastering by the late Robert Parker. Some people may feel that this process adds too much echo, but that's entirely up to the listener.
The main caveat of this set is the second CD which is devoted to rare Garland radio performances. Judy's radio years have always been under represented on CD, the few CDs released are either now out of print, hard to find, or of such poor sound quality that they're not worth it. But this CD is the exception. A stellar disc!
(...) The liner notes by Lawrence Schulman are, as usual, well written and bring a fresh perspective to Judy's life and career.
This is a must have. A nice overview of Judy's career from 1929 through 1956."
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