« Unpredictable improvisations » by The New York City Jazz Record

[…] Voix croisées, a studio date by the Didier Levallet Quintet, is another bassist-led outfit, sans piano or guitar, with a district timbral thumbprint, here created by the unique frontline combination of Airelle Besson’s trumpet, Sylvain Hélary’s alto and soprano flutes and Céline Bonacina’s baritone and alto saxophones, underpinned by François Laizeau’s drums. Levallet’s compositions and arrangements nod to the classic « Cool School », subduing rhythmic and tonal variation in favor of lush choral textures with subtly weaving counterlines. Hélary’s darting und unpredictable improvisations add much to the color and chemistry of the effort […] . Tom GREENLAND – THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD