Why has Frémeaux & Associés been awarded the Grand Prix in honorem of the Charles Cros Academy for its work in publishing and conserving the heritage of sound? For over 25 years Frémeaux & Associés has tried to defend the whole of the radiophonic, musical, historical and literary heritage in sound. It has done this through historical research and the restoration of sound archives. Additionally it has made available the fruits of its research to multimedia libraries, educational institutions and the general public. For each boxed set of discs it produces, Frémeaux & Associés uses the most sophisticated restoration technologies. Each boxed set also contains a booklet which is a valuable critical documentary tool. The Frémeaux & Associés catalogue is therefore the most award-winning in the world as regards the number of items it contains (over 1500 distinctions to date). The audio heritage in its widest sense is no longer available to the public and educational institutions because of the new financial policies of the major record companies. They can no longer afford to distribute cultural products whose sales are not part of their economy of scale. Frémeaux & Associés endeavours to make available again to the public the whole of the extant recorded heritage, whose artistic, historical or musicological interest is superior to the rules of the market. Frémeaux & Associés which has published over 2000 CDs, all permanently available, trades in 32 countries and has established itself as a de facto delegation of the public service and museums. It sees itself as a unique economic model for the distribution of cultural products without any reduction in its catalogue items. It aims to rehabilitate the sound heritage of the 20th and 21th century and to make our collective memory permanently available to future generations.