Ref.: FA8593


Ref.: FA8593

Artistic Direction : JULIEN SILVAND

Label : Frémeaux & Associés

Total duration of the pack : 1 hours 7 minutes

Nbre. CD : 1

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Tap That Jazz (formerly Les Oignons) is the most modern of trad jazz bands, fronted by the daring trumpet of Julien Silvand and a group that’s adopted the codes of the genre: brass, banjo, sousaphone, washboard and… tap dancing. The band provides a rare and efficient New Orleans setting for the power and soul in the voice of the wonderful June Milo. “Respect” pays tribute to the great songs that have worked for female emancipation, and among the references here you can find Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Cesària Évora, Anne Sylvestre, Bizet’s Carmen, Elisapie and Janis Joplin.
Augustin Bondoux / Patrick Frémeaux

Respect • Strange Fruit • Caro Nome Rigoletto • Decolonise (Don’t Just Recognise) • È strano!/Ah, fors’è lui/Follie, Follie! La Traviata • Sodade • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free • Arnaq • Casta Diva Norma • Les Tringles Des Sistres Tintaient • Une Sorcière Comme Les Autres • Piece Of My Heart • Mississippi Goddam.

June MILO (chant vocals)
Cajoune GIRARD (Washboard | choeurs backing vocals)
Julien VARDON (claquettes tap dance)
Julien SILVAND (Trompette trumpet | choeurs backing vocals | direction | composition & paroles lyrics (4) | arrangement)
Dominique MANDIN (Sax ténor tenor sax | choeurs backing vocals)
Rémi OSWALD (Banjo | choeurs backing vocals)
Raphaël MARTIN (Soubassophone sousaphone)

Avec « Respect » (Frémeaux & Associés / Socadisc) [****] du groupe Tap That Jazz (anciennement Les Oignons) on revient aux sources du jazz avec un orchestre de style Nouvelle Orléans pas comme les autres. Si les codes instrumentaux du genre sont bien là (soubassophone, banjo, washboard ou claquettes), le répertoire construit autour de grandes chansons féminines émancipatrices fait appel à Otis Redding, Billie Holiday ou Cesaria Evora autant qu’à Verdi, Bellini ou Bizet. Il en résulte un album étonnant où la qualité des arrangements et de l’interprétation autant que la voix puissante de June Milo nous emportent dans un tourbillon plein d’allant et de gaieté. Ce n’était pas gagné d’avance, mais voici un CD original et épatant ! Philippe VINCENT - JAZZMAGAZINE
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Swing, claquettes et... Aretha Franklin ! C'est le pari un peu fou de cet orchestre - anciennement Les Oignons - qui conjugue vieux style et grandes chansons féminines !Par TSF JAZZ
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  • Piste
    Main artist
    Registered in
  • 1
    Tap That Jazz
    Otis Redding
  • 2
    Strange Fruit
    Tap That Jazz
    Lewis Allan
  • 3
    Caro Nome - Rigoletto
    Tap That Jazz
    Francesco Maria Piave
  • 4
    Decolonise (Don't Just Recognise)
    Tap That Jazz
    Julien Silvand
  • 5
    E Strano!/Ah, fors 'é lui/Follie, Follie! - La Traviata
    Tap That Jazz
    Francesco Maria Piave
  • 6
    Tap That Jazz
    Armandio Cabral, Luis Morais
  • 7
    I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
    Tap That Jazz
    Dallas, Billy Taylor
  • 8
    Tap That Jazz
    Isaac Elisapie
  • 9
    Casta Diva - Norma
    Tap That Jazz
    Felice Romani
  • 10
    Les tringles des sistres tintaient - Carmen
    Tap That Jazz
    Meilhac, Halevy
  • 11
    Une sorcière comme les autres
    Tap That Jazz
    Anne Sylvestre
  • 12
    Piece Of My Heart
    Tap That Jazz
    Jerry Ragovoy, Bob Russell
  • 13
    Mississippi Goddam
    Tap That Jazz
    Eunice Kathleen Waymon


June Milo Chant vocals
Cajoune Girard Washboard | chœurs backing vocals
Julien Vardon Claquettes tap dance
Julien Silvand Trompette trumpet | chœurs backing vocals | direction | composition & paroles lyrics (4) | arrangement
Dominique Mandin Sax ténor tenor sax | chœurs backing vocals
Rémi Oswald Banjo | chœurs backing vocals
Raphaël Martin Soubassophone sousaphone

1 Respect O. Redding 4:39  2 Strange Fruit L. Allan 4:40  3 Caro Nome Rigoletto G. Verdi/F.M. Piave 6:23  4 Decolonise (Don’t Just Recognise) J. Silvand 4:38  5 È strano!/Ah, fors’è lui/Follie, Follie! La Traviata
G. Verdi/F.M. Piave 7:40  6 Sodade A. Cabral/ L. Morais 4:46  7 I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free D. Dallas/B. Taylor 4:29  8 Arnaq I. Elisapie 5:41  9 Casta Diva Norma V. Bellini/F. Romani 4:45  10 Les Tringles Des Sistres Tintaient Carmen G. Bizet/H. Meilhac/L. Halévy 4:32  11 Une Sorcière Comme Les Autres A. Sylvestre 5:52  12 Piece Of My Heart J. Ragovoy/B. Russell 4:04  13 Mississippi Goddam E.K. Waymon 5:28    

Once again I’ve put my trust entirely in June Milo and her magnificent voice, at ease in every style, to sing the essence of “Respect,” the album from the show “Sing That Fight”, which pays tribute to the great singers of opera, pop and jazz who have been victims of sexism and racial discrimination, and who transformed their suffering into a powerful song of combat.
The lives of Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Cesària Évora, Anne Sylvestre and Janis Joplin are inexhaustible wells of inspiration. History marked those women because they were the ones who marked History, as spokeswomen who became icons in protest movements for equality, and also as shining examples of resistance… Claiming their rights led them further into emancipation and freedom.
In older times, opera libretti didn’t escape sexism or racism: in the former, the rights and opinions of women were either scorned or absent. Was it the desire of their authors (rarely female) to denounce the killing of women in those days ? Or was it some blind romanticism attempting to render crimes of passion legitimate for tabloid operas ?
As for the divas, from Marian Anderson to Leontyne Price via Maria Callas, amongst others, they were, and are, obliged to fight more than men to have a career, and do so without any guarantee of enjoying the career they deserve, especially if their skin is dark.
In this CD, there is no hint in the direction of Josephine Baker’s universe, nor that of Ella Fitzgerald. That suggestion takes place on a stage, in our show, and I can strongly focus on their lives as artists and militants fighting for a more inclusive, less impartial world.
“Sing That Fight” is the fifth album to come from the group Tap That Jazz (formerly Les Oignons). The group, founded in 2005, now includes “Cajoune” Girard playing a washboard, which adds even more spice to my musical cookery… “Cajun style” of course!
Echoing indigenous peoples worldwide, I found inspiration for a song in international slogans that demanded the decolonisation process for occupied territories instead of simple excuses in public. The idea to write that song was given to me by the world of Elisapie, an Inuit artist from Canada, and one of her songs appears here.
Tap-dancers have always had a place of choice in this material, and here the shoes are worn by the tireless Julien Vardon.
A word, finally, for the efficiency and devotion of Rémi Oswald, Dominique Mandin and Raphaël Martin who, in the fullness of their artistry as sidemen, have succeeded in “hitting the right note” to make this CD a work that will create its share, as we sincerely hope, of equality and respect among humans everywhere, without the slightest hint of discrimination
Julien Silvand

(J. Silvand - Supervision des paroles / Lyrics supervision: Hope C.)

Decolonise, don’t just recognise
We need our sovereignty
With sincere acts.
We need dignity
Without a wound that deeply cuts.
Official apologies are only symbolic,
Natives ain’t fooled.
On occupied territories
Where my ancestors were hunted and persecuted.
What is in your mind?
How is your conscience?
What do you teach to your children?


June Milo
Cajoune Girard
Julien Vardon
Julien Silvand
Dominique Mandin
Rémi Oswald
Raphaël Martin

Remerciements : Isabelle Roy, Lisa Gandeboeuf, Pierre-Jean Charnay, Zoé Guicquéro, Victoire Tuaillon (pour le livre Les Couilles Sur La Table), Eric Ghénassia, Simon Mimoun, Macha Poirier, Marlène Hélois, Marianne Clair, Marie-Eve Beaulieu (pour son récit de thèse), Guillaume Busato (pour ses conseils de lecture), Marie Lavault, Christophe Sarlin, Matthieu Vernhes, Jonas Real, Lætitia N’Diaye, Virginie Birre, Gwenaelle Vinchon, Stéphanie Coeurjoly, Mélina Auguste, Adeline Talamandier, Sabine Griol, Manon Pechoultres, Emmanuelle Meckler, Martin Kubich, Karim Boulhaya, Louise Le Gaufey, Fabrice Mollaret, Julien Boeckx, Monique Marconis, Mercedes Brawand, Jean-Francis Marcon, Danielle Sevrette, Paule Thomas.
Rémi Oswald remercie l’Atelier Guitare Cognet. Julien Silvand remercie les trompettes O3.
Remerciement tout particulier à : Ninon Brétécher, Estelle Gourinchas, Audrey Soulu, Vincent Valarche, Catherine Hope, Pierre-André Thuau, David Sauvagnargues, Danielle Roger, Arlette Lagarrigue, Kristine Borda Le Gaufey, Bernadette Borda Silvand, Iva Dias, Frédérique Duchemin, Arnaud Plantier, Emilie Le Goff, Alain & Françoise Le Goff, Didier et Marie-Paule Martin (pour l’hébergement), ainsi qu’à toutes les personnes ayant contribué au financement participatif sur Hello Asso après l’impression de ce CD.

Costumes : Louise Le Gaufey | Photos prises au Théâtre de Châtel-Guyon
Spectacle coproduit par Vichy Culture et L’Opéra de Vichy
PARTENAIRES : Comm Comm Cœur de Beauce, Théâtre de Châtel-Guyon
CONTACT ARTISTIQUE : Julien Silvand ∙ ∙ +33 (0)6 82 77 12 29
BOOKING / MANAGEMENT / PRODUCTION : Isabelle Roy ∙ Thermostat7 ∙ ∙ +33 (0)7 82 12 34 06  
coordination : Augustin Bondoux  ∙
ÉDITIONS : Rondor Music (France), Warner Chappell Music France (1), Tropicales SOC (2), Frémeaux & Associés (4), Editions de Bertholene – Sony Music Entertainment France – Lusafrica SARL (6), Duane-Music INC, Halit Music (7), Yotanka Productions (8), Sony Music Publishing (France) (12), Société PECF (13)


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