I love vintage French swing songs! by Slipcue

"The French label Fremeaux may have the final word on the Trenet canon, with this authoritative chronological series of double-disc collections, tracing Trenet's career, step by step, year by year, song by song. This first volume gathers all of Trenet's collaborations with pianist-composer Johnny Hess, his first musical partner, whom Trenet met when they were both teens. Hess and Trenet shared a love for American-style swing, and when they started performing together, the Parisian jazz scene was coming into full bloom. The duet of Charles et Johnny swept through the city's cabaret circuit, and made Trenet a star. These early recordings burst with exuberance and good nature -- the boys were clearly having a blast. Included are all thirty-six songs released by the Pathe label, along with one alternate version, and two songs recorded with Fred Adison's big band, just before the duo dissolved its partnership in the Fall of '36. Although these tracks are buoyant and joyful, I would caution that they really need to sampled sparingly, taken in small portions, like fine French cuisine. Listened to end-to-end, it might be a bit much. It's great stuff, though - I love vintage French swing songs!"